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Weighing in at just under 14 pounds, the Ollie consists of a buoyant, water-proof case precisely the size of a twelve pack connected by air hose to two chromed trumpets mounted on a mahogony base. Put the wooden base where the horns will best be heard. Push the rocker switch, then relax as the Ollie reliably issues an exact, consistent, loud, and clear starting sequence.
Do you still fret that maybe those shotgun shells aren't blanks? Every worry about powder burn? Ever freeze your hands because of an ill-fitting air horn cannister or have to toss one overboard because it became a missile? How about the stop watch you accidently stopped mid sequence? Ever do that? Does the fleet really hear your anemic whistle, or are they simply being polite? For goodness sake, get yourself an Ollie.
  • The Ollie floats.
  • The Ollie trumpets are louder than cannister-type horns and issue an elegant sound.
  • The Ollie is environmentally responsible.
  • The Ollie costs nothing to operate.
  • The Ollie is more reliable than a stopwatch.
  • The Ollie reduces personnel needs.
The Ollie is the solution to your R.C.'s mandate to produce perfectly reproducible starting sequence signals that will be heard by the whole fleet. The signals are exactly the same no matter who uses the Ollie Race Start Machine, automatically with one push of a button. Gone is reliance on that hard to find person with a stopwatch.
The Ollie's powerful air trumpets (much more powerful than the canister type horns) are powered by a sealed gel type battery self contained in the unit. A full charge on the battery will provide up to 200 starts- that ought to get you through the day. Except for the trumpets, all of the Ollie is housed in a bullet-proof boater's dry case which sits safely inboard on the committee boat.
The Ollie has two external rocker switches as well as a warning beeper that warns you when it's on and which part of the sequence is coming up next;

Port Rocker Switch(RED)


Starboard Rocker Switch

Manually sound the trumpets- recalls etc.

Inside the water-proof case is a toggle switch for selecting one of three starting sequences. See FAQS
These sequences are selected by a toggle switch inside the dry box.
The battery terminals are connected to an internal battery charger. Open the top and plug in a 120 volt A.C. extension cord. Leave it go on until the next regatta. Not to worry, the charger stops when it's done.

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