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  1. What is the difference between EOM and WOM?
    EAST of The Missisippi, WEST of the Mississippi
  2. What start sequences are there? How are they described?
      The most popular sequences are listed below and described on another page.
    1. Three Minute Start For Dinghy Racing- Appendix S
    2. Rule26
    3. Recall Rule26
    4. Sequences 2 and 3 are also popular in their rolling versions.
  3. Can The OLLIE produce more than one sequence?
      Each OLLIE produces can produce three different sequences.
      Your choice will depend upon your requirements, club racing,
      regattas, frostbiting, coaching etc. For instance many colleges
      select the following three:

    1. Appendix Q (racing)
    2. Rolling Appendix Q (team racing)
    3. Rolling 2 min. Appendix Q (coaching starts)
  4. How long does it take to charge the Ollie?
    1. If the battery is charged at the end of every race-day, it only takes a half hour to charge. If the battery is completely discharged it will take 10-12 hrs.
  5. Now that the racing season is over how do I store the Ollie?
    1. The best way is to disconnect battery charger by disconnecting the negative battery terminal.It may have be neccessary to crimp down rhe terminal before reconnecting for the next season.
    2. Also DON'T forget to spray WD-40 (or equivalent) into the intakes of the trumpets
  6. What are the green and red lights inside the case for?
    1. The green led means the battery is being charged. The red light means that the charge is being maintained.
  7. What's the grey box under the sequence selection toggle?
    1. That's the computer. I write the programs on my P.C. in an assembly
      language developed for the particular chip. It is compiled and burnt into this OTP (one time programmable) chip. To change the program you pretty much have to change the chip.

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